• Merchandise programs

    Increase sales and establish your corporate identity

    Online & Retail Merchandise Programs

    Custom programs for your business.

    Need corporate apparel and swag for your employee incentive program or safety & awareness program? We can help you with the merchandise you need and we'll build a beautiful company store to showcase it.

    Tips for Building Your Merchandise Program

    Define the Purpose
    Do you want your program to generate revenue, build brand awareness, or consolidate purchasing to pass savings on to others in your organization.

    Identify your Audience/Customers
    Who are you selling to? Are they young, old, male, female? Where are they located?

    Select an Assortment of Great Products
    Choose products that reflect your corporate identity and are useful and durable. Be creative and consider developing limited edition runs of producs to keep it fresh with your customers.

    Create a Marketing Plan 
    Products don't sell themselves. Will you be marketing to a list of members, customers? Will you use social media to promote your merchandise? How often will you add new products?

    Who will Administer Your Program 
    Make sure you partner with a firm that can implement an online store. Will they do the picking & packing, manage customer service & returns? How will your products be shipped to your customers?